I'm progamesigner.

Hi, I'm a web developer based in Taipei, Taiwan. I have a passion for developing including creating great websites.

I can create websites for both desktop & mobile devices. With RWD design and new CSS supports on modern browsers, Your website can have unified experience across devices.

I was working on PHP more than 10 years so I can develop dynamic websites for your needs with Laravel (or any PHP framework in your preference), database, and more technologies.

Yang Sheng Han Developer

My Services

Choose what you want for your website.

Update / Modify / Help

I can help you with updating or modifying website pages and some aids on setting up.

  • Update website content
  • Modify your current website designs
  • Help you to adjust settings
  • Help you setup domain / hosting / other services
  • More services ...

Setup Website & Design

I also help you setup your Wordpress / Wordpress.com / WiX website with some optional services.

  • Setup one of Wordpress / Wordpress.com / WiX
  • (Optional) Customize your Wordpress theme
  • (Optional) Domain or hosting service registration & setting
  • (Optional) Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager setting
  • More services ...

Website Design

I like to keep things simple. You will have website pages with simple and clean design.

This provide only static page designs.

Fully Customized

I'm also a developer, so you can have fully customized website across devices using the latest technologies available.

This provide fully customized website.

Hire Me

I’m currently available for freelance work.

If you have a website you want to run, or a project you want to get started with my help, just say hey and get in touch.

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