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I'm progamesigner.


Hi, I'm a developer based in Taipei, Taiwan. I have a passion for developing softwares, applications, games, websites, and anything about our life. Developing had been a necessary part of my life since my young age.

I am able to create softwares for both desktop & mobile devices as well as websites. Experienced in using many programming languages, tools, and platforms over 10 years including C, C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, Rust, Go, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and more ...

I love to make things unified and simple with quality and performance in mind. Despite technologies keeping forward, improving, and changing, I am still enjoying learning and trying them and embrace changes to improve myself.

Yang Sheng Han Developer

My Skills

Here are what skills I have

Languages & Ecosystems

I am using different languages and their ecosystems

  • C / C++ / C#
  • Rust / Go / Java
  • PHP / TypeScript / Python / Ruby / Lua
  • JavaScript / HTML / CSS / SCSS / SQL
  • React / Vue.js / Mithril
  • Unity / Webpack / Hugo / Next.js / Redux
  • More ...

Tools & Services

I am using different tools and services

  • Kubernetes / Docker / Kafka
  • PostgreSQL / MongoDB / MariaDB
  • Redis / ElasticSearch / Nginx
  • Jaeger / Prometheus / Elastic Stack
  • Ansible / Chef / Terraform
  • AWS / GCP / Azure
  • More ...

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